Our Approach


To maintain our high quality standards while decreasing costs and increasing efficiencies for you, we invest in:

  • Buying in large quantities
  • Continuously upgrading our technology
  • Cutting equipment
  • Software
  • Automation of processes

What makes AJL different?

  • Our close relationships and expertise in knowing who specializes in what makes us your go-to partner.

  • We call upon our partner shops as needed to ensure the right professionals and equipment is being utilized throughout the process.

  • We involve these vendors in the early design stages for suggestions to reduce your targeted costs.

  • Flexible, lean approach has proven to cut costs while adding to the quality of the final product.

About Our Project Management


When you call us for a project, a team will be assigned to your account to oversee and maintain your order from beginning to end.

  • Engineer
  • Quality personnel
  • Manufacturing supervisor
  • Customer service planner


Your planner will be your primary contact, keeping everything moving along, continuously searching at each step for solutions in cost-containment, design, commodities, procurement, assembly, and shipping.


Your team will stay with you throughout the entire process, tracking your project on a day-to-day basis, developing an in-depth understanding of your exact needs, building continuity, and ultimately—your trust, so they’ll have the ability to forecast your needs in projects for years to come.