What makes AJL different?

  • Employees are ESD trained to ensure the proper functioning of electronic components, reducing repair and replacement costs.

  • Investment in software that relays final working results from the assembly back to you in live format.

  • Space to allot an assembly area solely dedicated to your project.

  • Ability to bring together hundreds of components for assembly (ex. Medical Industry Case Study had 568 components.)

Case Study


A client came to us with an assembly that required 250 different components, all of which they were using several expediters and planners to buy and manage its flow.


We stepped in and now the assembly only requires ordering one part—the finished assembly—by having AJL take care of commodity purchasing, satisfying lead times for JIT delivery, manufacturing the components, assembling the units, conducting life-cycle testing, and shipping directly to their assembly line.

Our approach to your project