What makes AJL different?

  • The ability to achieve tight tolerance manufacturing and highly stringent cosmetic requirements.

  • Customer value created through our shop and order flow, consistency, and continuous capital investments.

  • Updating software, purchasing equipment, and inventing or adopting the latest technological processes.


Our full list of services specific to manufacturing is expanding each day, and currently includes:
  • Full tooling capabilities—short-run tooling, hard tooling, and assembly and weld fixtures
  • CNC prismatic and rotational machining
  • CNC laser cutting with lights out manufacturing capabilities
  • CNC punching & forming
  • Robotic, MIG, & TIG welding
  • Hardware insertion
  • Fabrication
  • Brakes
  • Sheet Metal Finishing
  • Blanking
  • Bending
Our approach to your project

AJL's Technology

Trust in our Tech

Not only do we invest in talented and creative engineers, CAD/CAM designers, and sheet metal technicians, but also in sophisticated equipment.

Plus, we’ve created techniques that aren’t typically found in most manufacturing facilities to keep us ahead of today’s ever-changing market.

AJL Manufacturing


  • 3 robotic welders that can produce high-quality, repeatable welds
  • Robotic welders can be used as cost-effective solutions for low and high-volume jobs
  • Manufacturing cells to achieve the highest quality and most cost-effective price
  • New Amada work cell that virtually runs lights-out and holds numerous types and gauges of sheet material
  • New Vipros work cell that reflects the right material for application runs and unloads the completed production without assistance from operators
  • Software that reduces upfront development and floor time